Failed to view the osgb format cache file

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Failed to view the osgb format cache file

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I created a map with filesystem cache using code below.

osgEarth::Drivers::FileSystemCacheOptions cacheOpts;
cacheOpts.rootPath() = g_PathFileFinder.GetCacheDir(true);

And I added an image layer to the map using xml configuration like this.

<image cacheid=\"Tianditu img\" driver=\"xyz\" name=\"Tianditu img\" url=\"http://t[01234567];REQUEST=GetTile&amp;VERSION=1.0.0&amp;LAYER=img&amp;STYLE=default&amp;TILEMATRIXSET=c&amp;FORMAT=tiles&amp;TileMatrix={z+1}&amp;TileRow={y}&amp;TileCol={x}\">
<profile srs=\"global-geodetic\" srs_enum=\"global-geodetic\" />
<cache_policy usage=\"read_write\" />

The image layer is loaded successfully. And in the folder created by "g_PathFileFinder.GetCacheDir(true)",  I saw that caches are generated.

But When I use osgviewer to viewer the osgb file, error occurs.

Does anyone knows the reason?