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I know this is an OpenSceneGraph subject. But I could not get any answers so far. Is ther anyway to render a text on the screen other than using osg::Text class?

I did somethings using osgText::Text, but I had to create a new class called "TextMod" means modified text derived from osgText::Text class, and I created a function setting offset to TextMod class. By setting different offset values to each text I could set all the positions of the texts at the center origin point. So when I rotate the pitch ladders all text labels rotate aligned with the pitch ladders.

Actually I did a similar HUD using NASA World Wind Java. There is a TextRenderer class in WWJ API and by that way a text can be rendered on GLCanvas. So when the matrix is rotated all drawings and texts rotates. That was actually more easy to implement.

If anyone knows an easier way please let me know.