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Greetings folks, long time no see. Yes, we are still on an old version and please forgive me if asked before (I did not find it).

With the ImageLayer, is there a way to set the render bin level like I do with other nodes as follows?
node->getOrCreateStateSet()->setRenderBinDetails(<value>, <render_bin-name>);

In other words, I want the satellite imagery on the bottom, followed by another type of imagery, follow by yet another type of imagery no matter the order that I add them.

I see that I can
map->insertImageLayer(sarLayer, index);
However, if I insert beyond the end, it will just add to the end.

I realized that maybe a way to do this might be to, starting with a clean slate:
1. Add the satellite imagery and remember the last entry
2. Normally, sensor imagery gets added next
3. The trick is that the few times other imagery currently gets added to the end, but it needs to be between #1 & #2. I want to maintain the order at which it was added. So, the first time, it would add at #1's last entry. The next time, #1's + 1, etc. If something is removed, subtract. That might work. What do you think?

If that works, when #1 changes, maybe start from a clean slate again?