Inserting SkyNode in Scene Graph.

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Inserting SkyNode in Scene Graph.

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In osgearth version > 2.6, For effect of light to be visible on terrain, skyNode has to be in parental path.
Sorry We are somewhat late in updating our code to this change.

Now, what should have been a smooth transition, lead to following problem.

GroupNode2 contains geometries added to scene Graph that we don't to be part of mapnode.

The problem is that when we insert skyNode as parent of mapnode, everything goes black. Camera culls the whole world.
However when we geojump to geometry that was part of GroupNode2, everything seems to be in place. GroupNode3 was added to have a reference node to insert skyNode in sceneGraph.

view from 3d model, which is part of GroupNode2. Sky Node seems to working normally casting shadow on terrain , and stars can be seen.

Also when there is no GroupNode2, everything seems normal.

Why no consideration is being given to bounds to skyNode when, there is  GroupNode2 in graph.
Increarsing nearFarRatio of camera is not solving the problem.
Any kind of insight will be appreciated.