MPTerrainEngine vs RexTerrainEngine

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MPTerrainEngine vs RexTerrainEngine

Hi all,

I’m currently developing a MFC application using osgEarth library (latest master version on GitHub).
The goal of the application is to display an elevation layer (based on a BIL file), an imagery layer (based on OpenStreetMap) and a feature model layer (based on a SHP file) for buildings.

During investigations to find a workaround for my problem on elevation using BIL file on a projected map (not solved yet), I've found differences when displaying elevations from ReadyMap ( with MPTerrainEngine and RexTerrainEngine.
- with MP terrain engine:

- with Rex terrain engine:

Any idea why the elevation doesn't seem to be taken into account with MP terrain engine (the code is exactly the same for two versions except the terrain engine)?

Using osgEarth 2.8.0, the behaviour of MP terrain engine is the same (no elevation) and Rex terrain engine doesn't seem to work.