Missing parts of rendered features when map is disabled

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krzysief krzysief
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Missing parts of rendered features when map is disabled

like in the title, without map my drawed circles are somehow collapsed inside earth while with map they seem ok.
I am using osgearth 2.9
My code and screenshots below:

Symbology::GeometryFactory geometry_factory(mapNode->getMapSRS());
ref_ptr<osgEarth::Geometry> geometry = geometry_factory.createCircle(position, osgEarth::Linear(radius, osgEarth::Units::METERS), 52);
ref_ptr<Features::Feature> feature = new osgEarth::Features::Feature(geometry, mapNode->getMapSRS());

ref_ptr<RenderSymbol> render_symbol = feature->style()->getOrCreateSymbol<RenderSymbol>();
        render_symbol->order() = order_counter;
        render_symbol->depthTest()   = false;
        render_symbol->transparent()   = false;
        render_symbol->decal()   = true;

        DepthOffsetOptions depth_offset_options;
        depth_offset_options.enabled()      = true;
        depth_offset_options.automatic()    = true;
        depth_offset_options.minBias()      = 1.1f;
        depth_offset_options.maxBias()      = 70.0f;

        render_symbol->depthOffset()        = depth_offset_options;

ref_ptr<AltitudeSymbol> altitude = feature->style()->getOrCreate<osgEarth::Symbology::AltitudeSymbol>();
        altitude->clamping() = osgEarth::Symbology::AltitudeSymbol::CLAMP_TO_TERRAIN;
        altitude->binding() = osgEarth::Symbology::AltitudeSymbol::BINDING_VERTEX;
        altitude->technique() = osgEarth::AltitudeSymbol::TECHNIQUE_SCENE;
        altitude->verticalOffset() = 1000;

ref_ptr<LineSymbol> line = feature->style()->getOrCreate<osgEarth::Symbology::LineSymbol>();
        line->stroke()->color() = color;
        line->stroke()->width() = width;
        line->stroke()->widthUnits() = osgEarth::Units::PIXELS;

ref_ptr<FeatureNode> circleNode = new FeatureNode(mapNode, feature);

gwaldron gwaldron
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Re: Missing parts of rendered features when map is disabled

Generally, filled polygons are difficult to render properly in 3D unless you use draping (altitude-clamping: terrain-drape).

If you can reproduce this in an earth file it will be easier for us to reproduce and comment on.
Refer to annotation.earth for examples.
Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping