Multiple Drivers for DEM

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Multiple Drivers for DEM


Currently I can get the elevation data in three ways:
1) Through TMSOptions driver that points to the url
2) Through GDALOptions, which reads .hgt files locally.
3) Through GDALOptions, which reads .tif files locally for bathymetry.

Since, for me it is very important to have a correct and most accurate elevation data on the sea and near the land, I noticed that option 1 is not satisfactory, while option 3 is.
However, option 3 is not accurate on dry land.

Also, my problem is that if I run both drivers at the same time, only TMSOptions works, while the others are stopped.

TMSOptions elevationOption;
elevationOption.url() = ELEVATION_URL;
map->addLayer(new ElevationLayer("Elevation", elevationOption));

GDALOptions gdal;
gdal.url() = std::string(resources_url + "/Layers/DEM");
gdal.extensions() = "DEM";
osg::ref_ptr <ElevationLayer> eleLayer = new ElevationLayer("Elevation", gdal);
eleLayer->getCacheSettings()->cachePolicy() = osgEarth::CachePolicy::Usage::USAGE_READ_WRITE;

What am I missing?