NOTICE: Annotation library API updates

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NOTICE: Annotation library API updates

Over the next couple days we'll be pushing some updates to the Annotation API. We started out endeavoring to fix some basic clamping issues, and ended up also refactoring some confusing code paths and trimming down the number of constructors. All in all it will be cleaner and easier to maintain going forward.

You may need to make a couple changes so your code if you use the Annotation API. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble:

1. We removed the MapNode parameter from all constructors. If you include annotations anywhere in the scene graph under a MapNode (including as part of an AnnotationLayer) an Annotation will automatically pick it up and use the information it needs. If you need to place it somewhere else, you can still call setMapNode to assign one.

2. We reduced the number of constructors on various objects. This may require you to re-order your arguments or make a couple function calls to set parameters. For example, CircleNode has a new set() method to set up the circle parameters.

Any questions, just ask :)
Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping