NOTICE: osgEarth master branch and future plans

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NOTICE: osgEarth master branch and future plans


As usual after a release we just want to remind you that we will be marching forward with the master branch.

We've created a "3.0" branch to track bug fixes and minor tweaks to osgEarth 3.0 as needed. There will no breaking API changes on that branch and so is a good option if you need something more stable.

From here on out osgEarth will require:

* C++11 compiler
* OpenSceneGraph 3.6.4 or newer (not right away, but make preparations soon).
* GDAL 2.4.1 (but GDAL 3.x is not officially supported yet)
* OpenGL 3.3 (osgEarth core)
* OpenGL 4.6 (osgEarthSplat procedural terrain library)

As always, if you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask away!
Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping