OSGEarthTriton: wake effect and issues

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OSGEarthTriton: wake effect and issues


someone integrated the Wake Generator effect into OSGEarth?

Trying to do it, I found a conflict between Triton and OSGEarth::Triton relative to the namespace...

In particular I tried to istantiate the TritonContext and TritonEnvironment:

osgEarth::Triton::TritonOptions tritonOptions;
tritonOptions.user() = "my_user_name";
tritonOptions.licenseCode() = "my_license_code";
tritonOptions.maxAltitude() = 100000;
tritonOptions.useHeightMap() = true;
tritonOptions.resourcePath() = "C:/Triton SDK/Resources";
osgEarth::Triton::TritonContext* c = new osgEarth::Triton::TritonContext(tritonOptions);
osgEarth::Triton::TritonDrawable* d = new osgEarth::Triton::TritonDrawable(c);

but the build fail with the error comes out: "Cannot open include file: Triton.h: No such file or directory"

Then, to solve it I include from C:\Triton SDK\Public Headers the header Triton.h.

When I compile more classes of Triton (C:\Triton SDK\Public Headers) has name conflict, in particular:
- MemAlloc.h, Ocean.h, Vector3.h
and for all of them the error is relative to the Triton declaration.... like in the image

and I try to solve adding before of "Triton" the ":" to obtain "::Triton"....

and in this way I have another error

where am I wrong?

gwaldron gwaldron
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Re: OSGEarthTriton: wake effect and issues

You can't access the Triton API directly from outside the NodeKit. Instead you will have to expose functionality through the TritonAPIWrapper class.
Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping