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Regarding Bridges

Hi Iam Drawing the Bridges using linesymbol,But the problem is bridges are drawing on the terrain but some bridges are drawing with filled colors.My code is posting below and image  is also posting.

        OGRFeatureOptions feature_opt;              = "Bridges";
        feature_opt.url()               = BRIDGES_URL;
        feature_opt.buildSpatialIndex() = true;
        Style style;

        ExtrusionSymbol* extrusion    = style.getOrCreate<ExtrusionSymbol>();
        extrusion->heightExpression() =  NumericExpression("20 + (Math.random() * 21)");
        extrusion->flatten()          =  true;
        extrusion->wallStyleName()    = "Bridges-wall";

       LineSymbol* line              =  style.getOrCreate<LineSymbol>();
        line->stroke()->color()       =  Color(Color::Gray, 0.5f);
        line->stroke()->width()       =  10.0f;
        line->tessellationSize()      =  50;
        line->stroke()->widthUnits()  = Units::METERS;
       AltitudeSymbol* alt           = style.getOrCreate<AltitudeSymbol>();
        alt->clamping()               = alt->CLAMP_TO_TERRAIN;
        alt->binding()                = alt->BINDING_VERTEX;
       StyleSheet* styleSheet = new StyleSheet();
       FeatureDisplayLayout layout;
        layout.tileSizeFactor() = 52.0;
        layout.addLevel(FeatureLevel(0.0f, 30000.0f, "Bridges"));
        layout.chooseLOD(FeatureLevel(0.0f, 30000.0f, "Bridges"), 30000.0f);

       FeatureGeomModelOptions fgm_opt;
        fgm_opt.featureOptions()  = feature_opt;
        fgm_opt.layout() = layout;
        fgm_opt.styles()          = new StyleSheet();
       map->addModelLayer(new ModelLayer("Bridges", fgm_opt));

How to remove that filled color(white) of bridges loaded in the terrain which is shown in below image,
Any Help is appreciated.