SXEarth: How to change vector layer sytles.

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SXEarth: How to change vector layer sytles.

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SXEarth is osgEarth GUI Editor, osgEarth support powerful vector styles,Such altitudeSymbol,billboardSymbol,coverageSymbol,extrusionSymbol,iconSymbol,strokeSymbol,markerSymbol,modelSymbol,pointSymbol,polygonSymbol,renderSymbol,skinSymbol,textSymbol.

How to add vector data layer.
  1. Download SXEarth
  2. Install and open SXEarth.
  3. Drag a vector file to SXEarth, or click Add Data menu, click Add Vector icon,sellect a vector file,such world.shp.

How to open edit style dialog.
  1.On the left scene panel, sellect vector layer item.
  2.On the right Property panel,right click stylesub item.
  3.Sellect edit sytle.
  4.Open edit style dialog.

Edit style,and submit.
  1.check point-fill checkbox true.
  2.check point-size checkbox true.
  3.change point-fill color.
  4.change point-size submit project as .earth file.

SXEarth,a free osgEarth GUI Editor and Flight Simulation.

SXEarth download: