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TMS repo creation error...

In order to improve load performance, I'm trying out the osgearth_package utility to create a TMS repo.

I'm using the following command...

osgearth_package --tms --out-earth

I'm getting the following error...

[osgEarth]* [TileSource] Open failed: Fail: profile required to create new TMS repo
[osgEarth]* [TerrainLayer] "world bathymetric": Could not initialize driver

The file is as follows...

<map name="maps" type="geocentric" version="2">
       <cache type="filesystem">

    <image name="world bathymetric" driver="gdal">

The Tiff files I'm using are GeoTiffs so they should have a profile.

Can anyone tell me why this isn't working and why I'm getting this error?