libCurl resolver crashes on MacOSX

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libCurl resolver crashes on MacOSX


I've build osgEarth with the following libCurl version on MacOSX:

curl: stable 7.54.0 (bottled) [keg-only]
Optional: openssl ✔, rtmpdump ✘, libssh2 ✘, c-ares ✔, libmetalink ✘, nghttp2 ✔

After some idle time, the application crash with this callstack:

#0 in addbyter ()
#1 in dprintf_formatf ()
#2 in curl_mvsnprintf ()
#3 in Curl_failf ()
#4 in Curl_resolv_timeout ()

In the docs one find it should be compiled with "c-ares" for multithreaded application. I've done this, but it still crashes.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Remo Eichenberger, Switzerland, @crocomer