osgEarth 1.1 Released!

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osgEarth 1.1 Released!

Hi all,

We've just tagged the osgEarth 1.1 release.  Changes in this release include:
*Enhanced WCS driver with support for ArcGIS Server
*Added GDAL dependency to osgEarth to support new SpatialReference classes
*Added new GeoExtent class
*Added a memory cache to TileSources to increase performance when performing compositing
*Added ability to use Mercator data in a geodetic globe.
*All geocentric globes now use a global-geodetic profile now that osgEarth can mix Mercator and Geodetic imagery.
*Added ElevationManager class to provide support for multiple heightfield sources
*Bug fixes and performance enhancements

You can find the tag here: http://wush.net/svn/osgearth/tags/osgearth_1.1_T2009-04-23/