osgEarth Forum moves to GitHub Discussions!

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osgEarth Forum moves to GitHub Discussions!

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The Nabble forum has served us well lo these many years. But alas, nothing lasts forever, and Nabble is winding down. We need a new place for community support and general osgEarth chit chat.

As luck would have it GitHub recently released a new "Discussions" feature that looks like it will fit the bill. So we are going to transition over to that and see how things go! It will be nice to have all osgEarth support and discussion activity in one place.

Click here to access osgEarth Discussions on Github!

You will need a GitHub account to post. On GitHub, discussions and issues are somewhat interchangeable which will make it easy to turn a conversation into a bug report ticket or vice-versa, so don't stress too much about whether to open a ticket or start a discussion thread.

This Nabble forum will stay online for as long as the provider will host it. We will still permit replies to existing topics, but we're going to disable the creation of new topics and encourage everyone to use the new site.

Thank you for all your continuing support!

- The osgEarth team
Glenn Waldron / Pelican Mapping